Not being fair

I didn’t agree with most of what you said, Burton Kent, in your letter to the editor. First of all, you are deaf, not hard of hearing. You need to accept that. Are you ashamed of being deaf?

Secondly, by your comment that black people are the easiest for you to meet because they look you in the eye and speak up, you are really saying that blacks are better than whites. That’s reverse discrimination. What’s the point? You, yourself are a white person. You’re discriminating against yourself, too.

Everybody is equal regardless of race, color, sex or handicap. I am deaf and white myself. I’ve never thought about whether black or white people are more comfortable with the hearing impaired or not. That’s not important to me at all because I don’t make comparisons. There’s no reason for that since everybody shares the same feelings, fears and confusions about things. Some people let it be a problem so that’s why we have racism and reverse discrimination.

What you need to do is to realize that you are taking part in reverse discrimination. If you want to put a stop to it, then you need to think twice about what you said. You need to be fair to yourself as well as others.

Jennifer Hart


Deaf education