Shop and eat at the Wilson’s

If you’re short on time and can’t go to separate places for eating and browsing, try the Wilson House, 327 Franklin St. in Geneva, where you’ll find everything under one roof.

If you enter on the ground floor you’ll find yourself in Barrels “N” Bins shop, also known as the “Frugal Person’s Gourmet Shoppe.” Here you can find more than 600 bulk food items ranging from imported coffees to candies, plus antiques and other gift items.

Upstairs on the first floor is the Wilson Cafe, which features a quaint dining room where you may wish to indulge in homemade cheesecake or perhaps a croissant sandwich. In back is another room that contains shelves of homemade chocolate and fudge – which is made right before your eyes.

Continue on upstairs and enter the Herbal Harvest Gift Shoppe. Many kinds of herbs, herbal blends and potpourri supplies can be found in this little room. Co-owner Jan Butler also conducts classes on potpourri making, gardening and cooking with herbs.