Get space study moving

Some time ago Jon Dalton, former vice president for student affairs, made a proposal suggesting NIU construct a new building to house additional student organizations that resulted in the development of a Holmes Student Center space study committee.

Former Student Association President Paula Radtke helped Dalton chair the Student Services and Activities Space Study Committee that met from February through April. The committee was developed in order to “take a look at the space need to enhance the student center,” Dalton said before the first committee meeting. He added that the commitee wanted “maximize the Holmes Student Center before putting up a new building.”

After about two months of discussion, the committee finally decided to have student center director Judd Baker analyze the center’s space at the end of the spring semester.

What have we got to show for all of this committee discussion? Well, there hasn’t been any major office space shifting in the student center, an addition hasn’t been added to the center and there doesn’t appear to be a new building hiding behind the corn fields anywhere.

What we have is more efforts to do the same things that were presented in February. Another space study committee is forming and those involved are entering the project with the same goals and same attitudes as the previous committee members. Obviously a space study committee of some sort is necessary. But please, this time get something solid accomplished.