Pledge survey tells feelings about alcohol, relationships

By Michelle Isaacson

NIU fraternity and sorority pledges indicated that educational programs are beneficial, but still need improvement, in a survey about their views regarding alcohol and male/female relationships.

Mike Williams, graduate assistant for Greek affairs conducted the survey in which 119 fraternity pledges and 113 sorority pledges and associate members responded to the questions.

The results of the survey were used as an introduction to the “Double Visions” workshop, which was held at the New Greek Institute Oct. 15. The workshop was conducted by InterFraternity and PanHellenic councils executive officers, Mike Williams, graduate assistant for Greek Affairs, and Greek Adviser Mary Ronan.

Ronan said “Some of the survey responses were used to make a point. Some comments provided a touch of reality for the audience members.”

“I wasn’t surprised by any of the responses,” Ronan said. Survey results “bring up areas of concern for future programming,” she said.

Survey questions ranged from views about the effects of alcohol to the importance of sex in a relationship.

Fifty-four percent of NIU fraternity pledges and 26 percent of sorority pledges, indicated that their interactions with others at a party changes as a result of drinking alcohol.

onan said that only half of the pledges saw their behavior change as a result of alcohol, but 90 percent saw the behaviors of others change as a result of alcohol consumption. This presents a “not me, but them” issue, she said.

Some responses “reinforce the need for more education about alcohol awareness,” Ronan said. Sixty-six percent of fraternity pledges and 57 percent of sorority pledges said they have regretted something they did at a party.

Seventy-four percent of fraternity pledges and 90 percent of sorority pledges said they would not break up with someone because they would not have sex with them.

The amount or quality of sex does not have an impact on a relationship, according to twenty-six percent of the fraternity pledges and 51 percent of the sorority pledges.

Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Gamma Delta national fraternities drafted the questionnaire as part of the “Double Visions” program.