Meeting might address memo

By Joe Bush

The disclosure of an internal memo from NIU’s public administration division might be discussed Friday at a regular meeting of NIU’s political science department staff.

The memo, sent anonymously to The Northern Star, details a proposed personnel evaluation scheme for three public administration faculty that differs from the division’s standard. Two of the three faculty are former NIU presidents.

Promotions and/or pay increases are determined in part from these evaluations. The standard scheme for public administration faculty includes 50 percent research, 40 percent teaching and 10 percent service.

Clyde Wingfield, forced to resign as NIU president in 1986 due to questionable use of university funds, spent the first eight months of this year in Washington, D.C. Wingfield was paid $85,000 during this leave of absence for his work with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. His proposed situation, developed by Wingfield and Public Administration Director James Banovetz, would combine 50 percent service, 30 percent research and 20 percent teaching.

Banovetz and NIU Regency Professor William Monat developed Monat’s schedule of 30 percent research, 40 percent teaching and 30 percent service. Monat served as Board of Regents chancellor for one year and is a Joint University Advisory Committee member.

The evaluation of Paul Culhane, public administration director of graduate studies, might be based on 35 percent research, 30 percent teaching and 35 percent service for the duration of his directorship.

As of Jan. 1, 1989, the mens’ nine-month salaries were $65,115 for Monat, $57,008 for Wingfield and $35,631 for Culhane.

Monat has chaired the NIU Discrimination Task Force and will oversee plans for NIU’s centennial in 1995. He also will document NIU’s history from 1965 through 1995, during which time he was NIU provost, Regents chancellor and NIU president.