Take time for news, it affects your future

By Gina Quilici

I realize that for many of you The Northern Star is your only source of news. Since education is important, and we’re at college to be educated (yeah, right Gina), let me enlighten you.

For those of you thirsting for world knowledge, but unable to find the time to read other newspapers or watch television, I have a real cultural treat for you today. For those of you who really don’t care much about world news, listen anyway because in addition to being amused, you just might learn something.

My favorite, most astonishing piece of news came from Friday’s Chicago Tribune. I read that mouth-to-mouth resucitation is no longer a required part of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) process. Why, you might ask? Well, some people are afraid of getting AIDS. I’m not sure that anyone told these people that there are special devices available for mouth-to-mouth during CPR specifically designed to prevent the spread of AIDS.

I can hear you all now. “Oh yeah! Like I’m just going to carry one in my back pocket all the time.” Quite frankly, I think that if you take the time to get certified and recertified in CPR, it’s your duty to stick one in your wallet or purse. The little devices are small, made of plastic and only cost about $6. I mean, why else are your spending your time in the CPR classes if you don’t want to learn how to save lives?

I think these classes are taken much too lightly. If you have no desire to learn how to save lives, get out of the classes and stop wasting everybody’s time. So, for all of you afraid of getting AIDS, the next time you see a man drop on the street from a heart attack, the law has given in to your demands and you may now continue walking by and let him die.

On to brighter topics. How about that Berlin wall! The things that are happening in Europe are tremendous indeed, but I think a cautious eye needs to be kept on the issues. East Germany opened its border, creating a flood of people into the neighboring countries. Freedom at last. Then, the Berlin wall was transformed from a once-deadly boundary into a party platform for rejoicing Germans. What more could they ask for?

East Germany has received so much favorable press attention that West Germany wanted a piece of the action. So, West Germany sent their chancellor over to Poland to attend a special mass in hopes of resolving the more than 50 year-old feud between Germany and Poland. Has everybody caught the peace on earth bug or what?

Why does everybody want peace all of a sudden? Nobody did anything for years, and now—wham! I would love to say “Gee that’s great!” However, I think it’s all too easy. My suggestion is to take all the news events for exactly what they are. If we start believing that the communist powers have changed their attitude overnight, we are letting our guards down, and I definitely don’t think that’s a good idea just yet.

The news might not always seem as important as who’s having a party this weekend, but give it a chance. Remaining ignorant of the important world issues might be our downfall in the future.