Local listing of locations for voters to last ballots

Voters can cast ballots for DeKalb school board officials and a 911 emergency telephone system referendum at the following locations today from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

District 1: Congregational Church, 615 N. First St.

Districts 2 and 7: Douglas Hall, NIU

District 3: Jefferson School, McCormick Drive

District 4: University Village Apartments Office, 722 Annie Glidden Road

Districts 5 and 15: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 830 Annie Glidden Road

District 6: The Floor to Ceiling Store, 1515 W. Lincoln Hwy.

District 8: Holmes Student Center, NIU

Districts 9 and 12: Grant Towers North, NIU

District 10:First National Bank, 141 W. Lincoln Hwy.

District 11: Days Inn, 1212 W. Lincoln Hwy.

District 13: Bromley Dormitory, 830 Edgebrook Drive

District 14: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 900 Normal Road

District 16: Newman Center, 512 Normal Road

District 17: First Lutheran Church, 324 N. Third St.

District 18: Hillcrest Covenant Church, 1515 N. First St.

District 19: Oak Crest/DeKalb Area Retirement Center, 2944 Greenwood Acres Drive.

District 20: Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1915 N. First St.

District 21: Joyce Pontiac, 1955 DeKalb Ave.

District 22: DeKalb Farm Bureau, 315 N. Sixth St.

District 23: Littlejohn School, 12th and School Streets

District 24: IUE Local 1081 Building, 430 N. 14th St.

District 25: Colonial House, 1600 N. 14th St.

District 26: Hallgren Lumber Company, 1205 E. Locust St.

District 27: Cheseboro School, 9th and Garden Streets.

District 28: DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 S. Fourth St.

District 29: Golden Years Plaza, 507 E. Taylor St.

District 30: First Baptist Church, 349 S. Third St.

District 31: Lincoln High School, 2nd and Sunset Streets.

District 32: DeKalb High School, 4th and Barb Blvd.

District 33: Barb City Manor, 680 Haish Blvd.

District 34: DeKalb Christian Church, 1107 S. First St.