Rude behavior

Not that the football players will be able to comprehend this letter, but we were deeply offended by their actions and attitudes that they exhibited at the Oct. 5 “Yell Like Hell” in the Chick Evans Field House.

We concluded that the football players were ignorant from their behavior that night. Near the end of the representation, the announcer had politely asked everyone to please remain seated for the pep rally afterward. Instead of complying with the announcer’s request, the football players proceeded to stand and walk to the bottom of the bleachers. In fact, some of the football players had even left before all of the routines were finished.

Why do the football players even bother going to school functions? They seem to think that they are the most important people attending the university. They do not respect other people’s rights to watch the events that were going on. During the running of events, the football players were arrogant and rude to the Greek chapters and the Residence Hall Association at NIU. They sat right next to us laughing and joking about the people out on the floor giving us their all.

Finally, one of those insensitive brutes stepped on one of our foots and didn’t have the courtesy to apologize. We guess he did not feel the need to condescend to apologize to a fellow student. We bet that most, if not all, the players are attending school under some sort of scholarship. Does this give them the right to treat the rest of the student body like dirt?

The school spirit displayed that night was to psych the football team up. Since they showed no appreciation, the student body should not be blamed the next time the attendance is pitifully low at the football games. Even though they might play great football, they certainly lack manners.

Kathryn Haraldson



Jennifer Lenkszus


Secondary education

Kelly McInerny


Elementary education