Inadequate air

It never fails to amaze me how an architect could have designed a building with no windows that open. In almost every one of my classes, I find myself in an uncomfortably hot and stuffy room. Lack of ventilation cannot possibly be conducive to better concentration. I am paying a huge amount of money for my education here only to be suffocated in overcrowded rooms with no fresh air.

I see construction going on in several places on campus. It seems to me that costs on those other projects could be cut down a bit to allow some money to be utilized in converting at least half of the permanently sealed windows to opening ones. Even in the towers there is a problem with ventilation in a few critical spots of the building.

We have an attractive lounge on each floor that would be an ideal escape from cramped dorm rooms. The problem with the floor lounges is that they are always so hot. There are wonderful big windows all along the whole wall. The windows let in a lot of light which is enjoyed, it is the heat that comes in with it that is the problem. We recorded the temperature of the lounge last to week to be 86 degrees Farenheit! Windows are super, they just need to be open.

It is not healthy to have trapped air or space. I am surprised that fire codes would allow such limitations on exits. In Cole Hall escape from a fire is dependent on one door.

Converting the windows to opening ones would be an expense and an inconvenience, I’m sure. However, opeing the windows would be so beneficial to the student environment on our campus.

Susan Hemlock


Political science