IFC’s Judicial Board hears violation cases

By Michelle Isaacson

The InterFraternity Council’s Judicial Board heard cases concerning Delta Chi, Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternities Sunday for violations of IFC policies.

Justices Dave Calzaretta, Jeff Cutler, Mark Kocol, Gregg Mylin and Chief Justice Tim Levandoski heard each case, deliberated and the board made its judgments.

Levandoski said the board based its decisions for Delta Chi and Phi Kappa Sigma on the IFC Alcohol Policy and for Sigma Alpha Mu on the IFC Rush Policy.

The board gave Delta Chi fraternity a retrial for a case heard last spring, which charged the fraternity with violating the IFC Advertising with Alcohol Policy. Mylin said the board heard Delta Chi’s case as a retrial because of procedural errors in their original trial.

A letter from Former Delta Chi President Chris Korfist states, “the actions of the IFC Judicial Board on May 5, 1989, were fundamentally unfair” and “in direct violation of the existing Judicial Board Constitution and By-Laws…”

Delta Chi President Dave Statis and Korfist represented the fraternity at the appeal. Delta Chi placed a classified ad in The Northern Star March 22 which promoted an “all you can drink” night at McCabe’s Lounge Ltd., 323 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Korfist and Statis defended Delta Chi by saying there was no mention of alcohol in the advertisement itself.

The board found Delta Chi guilty of violating a bylaw of the Alcohol Policy which states “IFC and its member chapters must restrict any and all references to alcohol in any and all chapter-sponsored advertisements” including newspapers, fliers and posters.

The case was labeled a First Offense. The board fined Delta Chi $1 for every active member and pledge member in the fraternity in the spring 1989 semester. The fine must be paid by the Nov. 19 IFC meeting.

The board held an appeal for Phi Kappa Sigma for sanctions issued to the fraternity for violations of the same alcohol policy bylaw violated by Delta Chi. Phi Kappa Sigma President Bill Bowes and Vice President Don Horne represented the fraternity at its appeal.

The fraternity was appealing a $5 per active and pledge member fine the board issued the fraternity last semester for violations of IFC Advertising with Alcohol Policy.

The board agreed with the fraternity that the sanctions were not proportional to the infraction. The sanctions were lowered to the standard $2 per active and pledge member fine for spring 1989. The fraternity must pay the penalty by the Nov. 19 IFC meeting.

The advertising restrictions the board issued after the original hearing will remain, with the exception that advertising for philanthropies will be allowed.

The board heard a case charging Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity with violating the IFC Rush policy concerning alcohol. IFC Executive Officer Bill Keirse filed an incident report against the fraternity for a Aug. 25 event.

Sigma Alpha Mu President Jeff Goldberg represented the fraternity and denied that Sigma Alpha Mu held an alcohol-related function during the period of “dry” Rush.

Goldberg said the fraternity members were drinking alcohol, but the event was not a party. He said he thought the dry Rush policy went into effect at noon the following day.

The board found Sigma Alpha Mu guilty of violating the Pre-Rush Policy, specifically the dry rush rule. The IFCJB issued a $100 fine, which must be paid to the IFC treasurer by Nov. 19, and ordered the fraternity to provide 60 hours of community service.

The type and location of the community service is up to the fraternity. The plan and date of the service is due to the board on Nov. 5 and must be completed before Dec. 18.

Goldberg said, “We admitted we broke the rules. It was an accident and we got punished for it. I think they were very fair about it. They judged us on the facts.”

“I expected the community service punishment. We want to do something for Northern’s community. We have to do it, but we were going to do something anyway,” he said.