SA resolution condemns violence

By Michelle Landrum and Mark McGowan

The Student Association Senate unanimously passed a resolution Sunday night condemning recent violent attacks on NIU students.

Although DeKalb Police refuse to call the Oct. 14 attack involving five white males and one black male racially motivated, Sen. Tracy Deis said the incident was “a virtual headhunt.”

Part of the resolution, prepared by Deis, stated, “Whereas we also believe in justice and the due process of the law, we believe that the DeKalb authorities should have taken immediate action on this incident.”

She warned if the situation continues, there could be a domino effect which might result in race riots.

The situation is “a state of emergency,” Black Student Union liaison Dora Lice Gardner said. “Some of you might not know that. Some of you might not care,” she said.

In other business, the senate tabled a motion to give the Internal Affairs Committee the right to revise and reject or accept resolutions to be brought before the senate. However, a senate majority vote could overturn an IAC rejection.

Sen. Rob McCormack said the motion was an “essential building block to becoming a respectable voice of the students.” He also said past resolutions had been “hasty and a garbled mess of words.”

The IAC’s review would confirm facts, improve wording, clarify the purpose and correct grammar and spelling.

However, many senators said they feel the motion is a “power grab.” Sen. Brad Strauss said resolutions should not have to go through IAC review because “it gives 10 senators (IAC) control over 45 senators.”

The SA has not seen the last of former Community Affairs Adviser Brian Subatich. Subatich petitioned the SA Supreme Court to examine his limited term. SA bylaws state the community affairs adviser’s term runs from June 1 to May 31. Subatich said the bylaws were not waived when he was approved, making his limited term unconstitutional.

“I’m not here to please the senate. I’m here to help the students,” Subatich said. “I want my job back.”

Last week, the senate failed to reapprove Subatich because many senators felt he damaged the relationship between the SA and the city. “When I wasn’t approved last week, it crushed me because I love this job,” Subatich said.