Applaud senate

This will not be the first time the Student Association senate has rejected Subatich. Last year’s senate did not want him as the community affairs adviser because he didn’t understand what the job was then; and he still doesn’t.

The senate approved Mr. Subatich because Ms. Scheidelman would not bring up another candidate for the position. The senate felt compelled to give this guy a chance even though they really didn’t want him. The senate voted him adviser because they didn’t want this year’s senate to be without one. To make a long story short, the senate this year has seen his flaws and rejected him. Brian Subatich should remember that the position is supposed to be a liaison position and not a stepping stone for a human rights ordinance.

uda should gather up her losses and search for a new adviser. The reason I call her Huda or Ms. Scheidelman is because I have a stomach ache knowing that my friends and I were very instrumental in getting her elected. Therefore, I can’t call her president because if she were one she would act like one.

Last but not least, remember I am always watching. Great job, senate!

Joseph Annunzio

Former senate speaker