Wording of Board policies reviewed

By Joe Bush

A committee formed to discuss Board of Regents policy changes will “formulate specific wording changes in the proposed amendments” this week.

In a statement released Thursday, Regents Chairwoman Carol Burns said corrections will be “circulated to the chancellor and the presidents and the Joint University Advisory Council representatives for comment.

Burns said the committee will review any changes and send them to JUAC. A phone conference will take place later this week.

University Council Executive Secretary J. Carroll Moody said the indirect procedure puts JUAC in a “reactionary” position and are “really not an exchange of views.” ISU Academic Senate Chairman Leonard Schmaltz said a “face-to-face (meeting) would be far more efficient” and “all concerned would get better feedback.”

Burns said a direct meeting is not feasible. “For one thing, we’re all in scattered locations.” The Regents govern NIU, ISU and Sangamon State University in Springfield.

Formed in response to volatile reaction to policy changes proposed in July, the committee includes Burns and Regent Harry Wellbank and will consult with Groves, the three Regency presidents, Moody, Schmaltz and JUAC Chairman Doug Anderson. Groves, NIU President John La Tourette and ISU President Tom Wallace were unavailable for comment Tuesday.