Regents proposal finally put to rest

March 22—Board of Regents Chancellor Roderick Groves circulates among the Regency presidents a memo concerning proposed changes in presidential activities.

July 26, 27—Proposed changes are made public at monthly board meeting.

August 17—The Northern Star files a Freedom of Information Act request for Groves’ memo.

Sept. 5—The Daily Vidette, Illinois State University’s campus newspaper, publishes Groves’ memo.

Sept. 6—The Star publishes the memo, and faculty groups pass resolutions formally opposing the changes.

Sept. 21—The board forms a committee including Board Chairman Carol Burns and Regent Harry Wellbank to consult with Groves, the presidents and three JUAC members.

Oct. 4—A rough draft of modifications is circulated to the committee consultants for campus discussion.

Oct. 6—The committee and its consultants conduct a teleconference and finalize wording.

Oct. 15—NIU’s Student Association passes a resolution neither endorsing nor opposing the final changes.

Oct. 19—The board unanimously passes the final changes.