Rick’s well-known for good food and prices

By Gina Quilici

Rick’s Red Apple has been serving the DeKalb area with it’s top quality fast food for over twenty-five years.

Rick’s manager Rich Ciarniello attributes the restaurant’s long standing success to many things. The first is a good location.

Rick’s is located in the lower level of the Village Commons beneath the White Hen Pantry. According to Ciarniello this location puts the restaurant directly in the traffic flow of students, university staff and area residents moving from one end of campus to the other.

Many of these people make up Rick’s dine-in customers. One fact that many people wouldn’t guess by looking at the restaurant’s outside is that Rick’s has comfortable dine-in seating area which can accomodate up to 150 people.

Clean working and eating areas combined with a good atmosphere are a few other reasons why Ciarniello feels that Rick’s is unique.

In addition to Rick’s eating area, the restaurant also houses a separate room filled with the latest, most popular video games.

Ciarniello stressed that perhaps the most important feature about Rick’s is that the restaurant serves “top of the line, quality food.”

All of the foods offered are prepared from high quality brand names. “We don’t skimp on anything,” Ciarniello said.

According to Ciarniello, Rick’s also has the honor of saying that they were originally the first restaurant in town to offer pan pizza.

Thus, Rick’s logo was created. “We are the pizza in the pan specialists.”

Rick’s pizzas are available in many mouth-watering combinations at good, affordable prices. However, Ciarniello said that Rick’s offers “good values all the time.”

For example, Rick’s offers a Vienna hot dog with fries for only 99 cents every day.

The most popular item on the menu, however, is the 1/2 pound charcoal-broiled hamburgers. Again, Ciarniello attributes this to high quality, good food.

Rick’s offers more than just pizza, burgers and hot dogs. The menu includes many delicious items such as Italian beef, sausage, meatball sandwiches, chopped steak and more.

Side orders and desserts are also available.

Rick’s restaurant hours are 11 a.m.-midnight Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Delivery hours are a bit different. Delivery is available from 4 p.m. to the close of the restaurant.