SA fails to hold vote of intent

By Michelle Landrum

The Student Association failed to conduct a vote of intent and evaluate the performance of NIU’s student Regent at Sunday night’s senate meeting.

The position of student Regent is appointed by the SA president and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the senate.

After a nomination withdrawal and a failed attempt for senate approval, the SA accepted SA President Huda Scheidelman’s selection—Bob Tisch—for student Regent at the June 3 senate meeting.

The student Regent acts as a liaison between the Board of Regents and the students of the three Regency universities—NIU, Illinois State University in Normal and Sangamon State University in Springfield.

Before Tisch’s approval, he asked the senate to evaluate his job with a vote of intent during the third senate meeting of the fall semester. Sunday’s meeting was the fifth senate session of the fall semester.

Tisch said the vote would be for his own information. “If there was a problem and they (the senate) had no confidence in me, then I would have felt it was my duty to resign,” Tisch said.

The vote was supposed to take place during the questions and comments section of the meeting, but several senators called for adjournment before the SA officials were allowed to speak. Scheidelman said the premature adjournment was rude, but some senators might not have known about the vote.

The vote would show that “I was willing to put my performance on the line,” Tisch said. The vote of intent is symbolic and has no actual bearing on the SA, he said.

“Even if the senators said ‘no,’ I would still be the student Regent. There’s nothing they could do to get me out,” he said.

Tisch said the issue is over and “nobody has manifested any opposition” to his position as student Regent.