Greek alumni return for NIU Homecoming

By David Pollard

Greeks that graduate and leave NIU are able to reunite with the alumni and undergraduates of their sorority or fraternity during Homecoming.

James Christensen, vice president of Sigma Nu Fraternity, said their fraternity is tailgating with their alumni at the football game. “We rent out a tent during the tailgating,” he said.

Christensen said they have a meal at the fraternity house after the game with the alumni members. Different members who have graduated also speak during the Homecoming weekend.

“I definately think alumni relations have improved,” Christensen said. Newsletters are sent to alumni members to invite them to Homecoming.

Antonietta Debiasio, president of Delta Zeta Sorority said they send out invitations to the alumni sisters so they can trek to DeKalb for the weekend. When some of the alumni arrive during the morning, they have coffee and donuts.

Debiasio said undergraduate members escort the alumni around the campus and go to the game with them. Some of the alumni spend the weekend in the rooms with the undergaduate members. She said they give the alumni an update on what direction the sorority is heading and what activities they are working on.

“We try to make it more than Homecoming; we try to make it special,” Debiasio said. They prepare a dinner for the alumni and different members get to speak at the dinner.

Jody Jancavic, chairman of the Homecoming Committee for Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity said they also have a tent for the alumni during the football game. He said the alumni turnout is pretty much the same each year. Newsletters are sent out each year to inform alumni of fraternity activities, he said.

Brian Callaghan, alumni chairman of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity said they have a lot of alumni coming up because of the fraternities 10th anniversary. He said the fraternity members will be at the parade and most of the alumni will come back to NIU the day of the parade. They will also have a Homecoming tent for tailgating.