Sacrifice needed

Flag burners are becoming a real nuisance! And if you’ve ever sat next to a flag burner in a restaurant you know what a disgusting habit it is, not to mention the harmful effects of second-hand smoke and air pollution it causes.

I am not sure what can be done about closet flag-burners, who mutilate flags in the privacy of their homes, but something must be done to regualte public flag-burners. For starters, restaurants should designate separate seating sections for flag burners and nonflag burners. Also, flag burning should be banned from airline flights less than two hours.

Some people think this is a bit extreme, but those are the same people who believe flag burning is just a fad. Well, I’m telling you flag burning is here to stay. Frankly, as a private citizen, I’m glad our government is spending so much time and energy on this dangerous social problem

A democracy ought to have patience and wisdom, but there are times when our government shouldn’t act rationally. And before flag burning reaches epidemic proportions, Congress is rushing to overturn the Supreme Court decision. I support House members, who voted “yes” for the bill just because they were coming up for reelection. “I had to vote ‘yes’ to ban flag burning. It would have been political suicide if I did otherwise,” said a congressman.

Well, we all must sacrifice something if we want to keep this country free from flag burning. And if a congressman can risk his integrity, I don’t mind giving up a few basic rights.

Patrick Garrey