Students late to complete records

By Dana Netzel

NIU students with incomplete immunization records will have to register for spring semester classes by visiting the Office of Registration and Records rather than receiving the registration packet by mail.

Letters will be sent on Monday or Tuesday to students who have not completed immunization. Students will be asked to finish their immunizations or ask for an extension, said Rosemary Lane, University Health Service director.

If students complete their immunizations or contact the Health Service by Nov. 17, they will be able to get their registration packet for the spring semester from the Office of Registration and Records.

There are still 1,000 students who have not completed their immunizations. “It has to be done,” Lane said. If the material is turned in by Nov. 10, students will be guaranteed registration for the spring semester.

Incomplete immunization records can be deferred if the vaccine is not available. Anybody can receive a vaccine from the health center as long as it is available, Lane said. The health center charges $5 for a single-shot immunization and $10 for all needed immunization shots.

In accordance with a state law that took effect July 1, 1989, NIU students must submit their immunization records for tetanus/diphtheria, measles, mumps and rubella to the health center.

All NIU freshmen, incoming and transfer students enrolled in a class after July 1 must meet the immunization requirements. These students must submit a written document providing their immunization.

The university must verify the immunizations of incoming students each semester. Although NIU has had this immunization policy before, the new state law calls for stricter enforcement by the health center.