After long debate, SA passes bylaw

By Michelle Landrum

After two long meetings filled with debate about reviewing resolutions before they reach the Student Association senate, the SA unanimously voted to approve the review during a relatively short Sunday meeting.

Sunday’s meeting lasted about 90 minutes, compared to the four-hour sessions of the past two weeks. During the two previous meetings, several senators opposed the bylaw change because the Internal Affairs Committee would review resolutions. Some said they thought the change was a power grab, which would allot too much authority to one group.

This week, the senate approved the bylaw change after minor wording changes were added. According to the changes, the IAC will “recommend a resolution not be heard” instead of “rejecting” a resolution.

The SA should “take up this challenge and become a more effective senate,” Sen. Rob McCormack said. The IAC review is intended to correct grammar, check facts and improve wording in resolutions before they reach the senate floor.

Sen. Mark Harkness, one of the main opponents to the IAC review, said the bylaw was “good with the amendments.”

The IAC will also decide if a resolution is of sufficient importance to be heard and approved by the senate.

By recommending ways to strengthen resolutions, which SA Vice President Steve Coloia said are the strongest statements the SA can make, the senate will improve its credibility.

If IAC does not recommend a resolution, it can still be brought before the senate by a majority vote of the SA.