Stay out of lot

If we try and drive a car on the sidewalk there is no doubt we will get a ticket, although the sidewalk is not posted ‘no cars.’ The carded parking lot south of Founders Memorial Library is posted on the side of the gate machine NO MOTORCYCLES, NO BICYCLES, NO PEDESTRIANS but daily, students use this lot as a sidewalk to and from classes. There is a wide, new sidewalk along side the parking provided for pedestrians that is by in large unused by the volume of people using this area.

During the morning when cars are arriving at the lot, the sun is in the drivers eyes making it difficult at times to have clear observation of students walking in the middle of the lot. Students DO NOT move out of the way of cars, even when honked at, but continue to walk at their own pace through a posted “NO PEDESTRIANS” area.

With winter arriving and adverse weather conditions adding to this problem when accessing the parking lot (there is an incline) we feel this problem should be addressed and corrected now. This problem has been reported to security. For the safety of pedestrians, we suggest a large sign be posted at the entrance to the lot, by the sidewalk and/or at a point midway through the lot. We feel security should enforce the NO PEDESTRIAN sign already posted for safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Sue Adducci,

Mary Reed,

Ruby Foreman

and 18 other NIU employee