Committee suggests policy modifications

By Joe Bush

A letter containing suggested modifications of Board of Regents’ proposed policy changes was sent Wednesday to the Regency presidents and Joint University Advisory Committee members.

The letter was from the Board’s ad hoc committee studying the changes and relevant suggestions from campus representatives. NIU President John La Tourette said there will be time today, after review of the letter, for consultation with “key administrators” and J. Carroll Moody, University Council executive secretary and one of three JUAC members named as consultants to the committee.

The committee also includes Regents Chairman Carol Burns and Regent Harry Wellbank. Leonard Schmaltz, the chairman of ISU’s Academic Senate and JUAC Chairman Doug Anderson are the two other JUAC consultants. The Board of Regents governs NIU, Illinois State University in Normal and Sangamon State University in Springfield.

Moody said he will discuss the modifications with the other four JUAC members at NIU before he consults directly with the Regents or La Tourette, but he said will talk with La Tourette before the committee and the consultants hold a telephone conference call later this week.

Moody said the contents of the letter would not be discussed at Wednesday’s Faculty Assembly meeting. There will be “no immediate taking of position” on the modifications, he said.

The ad hoc committee was formed to review policy changes introduced by Regents Chancellor Roderick Groves at July’s Regents meeting. The proposed changes have met heated response from the Regency schools, which feel the proposal would limit the powers of the Regency presidents and concentrate more control in the nine-member Board.