JUAC concerned

By Joe Bush

The first official word about procedures for the Board of Regents’ ad hoc committee on proposed policy changes has raised concern from Joint University Advisory Council members about circulation methods.

Cheryl Peck, assistant to Regents Chancellor Rod Groves, said that to her knowledge, no information was sent to the three JUAC representatives named as consultants to the committee. She said news releases were mailed to the “primary” parties involved, including Regents, the presidents of the three Regency universities and the media. The Regents govern NIU, Illinois State University in Normal and Sangamon State University in Springfield.

Regents Chairman Carol Burns, who with Regent Harry Wellbank comprises the committee, said she assumed the presidents’ offices would notify JUAC members of the information.

University Council Executive Secretary J. Carroll Moody, who is a JUAC member, said this action reveals a “very strange perception about what JUAC is.” Moody said he received the information from a Lowden Hall staff member earlier this week.

Leonard Schmaltz, chairman of ISU’s Academic Senate, said he was made aware of the release in a similar manner.