SA to review resolutions

By Michelle Landrum

Student Association resolutions passing through the SA Internal Affairs Committee and the surrounding controversy will be back in the spotlight at Sunday’s SA meeting.

The motion mandating all potential resolutions be reviewed by the IAC was tabled at last week’s senate meeting after fiery debate.

The senate will meet at 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center, with the location to be announced.

IAC officials, including SA Vice President and IAC Chairman Steve Coloia, have said the review’s purpose would be to correct grammar, check facts and improve wording.

Senators on the other side of the debate maintain the proposal is a “power grab” which will limit spontaneous resolutions.

The SA will also discuss the uncertain future of the Martin Luther King statue. SA members who viewed the statue in Arkansas recommended that NIU take the $7,000 already paid for materials as a loss and end the contract after the sculptor’s five years of work.

The SA will discuss holding a referendum to let students decide if they want a statue. The sculptor’s contract was for $17,000, but prices for a comparable statue are between $80,000 and $140,000, SA Treasurer Bruce Williams said.