This election needs you!

Next week is an important time for students.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will be electing Student Association senators.

For every election, whether national or campus, students are encouraged to get involved and to go out and vote. This year your vote is even more important and might have a greater impact than any other.

Although about 65 people requested petitions to run for the senate, only 35 people returned them—45 seats need to be filled, nine people for each district.

Senators make decisions about such things as distributions of student fees among SA recognized organizations. All students pay fees that are included in tuition costs. Therefore, every student on campus should be concerned about who will be representing them in such matters.

The senate candidate turnout is low, but it is not too late for you to make a difference in this election. The petition deadline has passed so the SA will have to rely on the students to elect some dependable write-in candidates.

In some districts it is possible for one write-in vote to win a student a seat on the senate. So even if you want to run yourself but missed the petition deadline you still have a chance. Look around the next few days for qualified people, if they are willing to tackle a senate position, vote for them.