NIU’s elite challenge students with dollars

The “pot” thickens.

In response to the Sept. 27 column written by Bob Regan, a host of prominent NIU figures have climbed on the financial bandwagon to challenge NIU students.

NIU Athletic Director Gerald O’Dell, President John La Tourette, Provost Kendall Baker and head football coach Jerry Pettibone are willing to donate money to the NIU General Scholarship Fund based on certain criteria.

What are the criteria? O’Dell will contribute $100 for every 1,000 students over the student attendance figures from last year’s game. This weekend’s theme is business agriculture night and according to last year’s figures—5,544 students attended. Therefore, if 10,544 students attend this weekend’s game, O‘Dell donates $500 to the General Scholarship Fund. O’Dell’s wager stands for the rest of the NIU home games and in accordance to that events 1988 attendance figures.

The other three gentlemen have a slightly watered-down wager. La Tourette, Baker and Pettibone will donate $100 per game when the student attendance exceeds 1,000 from last year’s events. So if the student attendance for the WIU game is 10,544—all three must cough up $100 for the NIU General Scholarship Fund.

The wagers by the Huskie elite are valid for the remaining NIU home events in football. The Northern Star will update the changing attendance figures weekly.

“Students are missing out,” O’Dell said. “These are their events. What we are doing is a way of challenging students as well as putting money back into the General Scholarship Fund. We want to get students involved in a positive way.”