Made her choice

This is in response to Miss Quilici’s Sept. 26 column in The Northern Star. Miss Quilici made up a nice little story to show the “pro-choice” side of the issue. The tale involves a girl who is “victimized” by her birth control pills and she finds herself pregnant. Miss Quilici then stated that no one has the right to tell someone elso what to do with their personal life. She said that people should have a choice.

Since you seem to have a lack of understanding of the pro-life side of the issue, Miss Quilici, I thought that I would point it out to you. First of all, you’re right, a woman does have a choice. The minute she opens her reproductive system to intercourse, she has made her choice. The failure of birth control pills is no reason to kill an innocent baby. It’s too bad that the baby inside of her has come at an inconvenient time, but any female knows the risks of having intercourse. Is inconvenience any reason to kill a baby?

So from now on, do all of us rational-thinking people a favor and don’t try to use hyperbole to scare people into thinking that the end of abortion will bring the end of women’s rights and then the end of free speech and eventually the downfall of the Constitution. Freedom has its restrictions no matter what you are talking about, and this is no exception.

Fred Freund