Parking includes drains

By David Pollard

The Lincoln Terrace site of the new university parking lot has yet to be installed with appropriate drainage equipment but the cost of the lot’s construction will be $52,000.

Conrad Miller, assistant director of the physical plant said there are some logistic problems with the site.

The lot will be fully completed in May, Miller said. Of the $52,000 for the project, $6,000 will be used to widen a sidewalk at the site for the handicapped. The parking lot will accomodate 25 vehicles.

The lot will not be paved this semester but will be covered with gravel. He said the gravel is set there so the water will drain into the ground and give the vehicles better traction.

Miller said, “Before placing the gravel on the lot they (physical plant) will put a catch basin in the ground to catch the water after it rains. The basin will be set in the middle of the parking lot.”

The basin will be connected to field tile, a pipe with one end bigger than the other which can be connected to another field tile, he said.

The tile will be connected to the basin and it will be connected to the existing field tile under Lincoln Terrace, he said. The basin will be designed to control water flow by filling up to a certain point and then spilling over into the field tile and drain into the main tile.

The physical plant also will start curbing the lot and expanding the sidewalk so it can be used by handicapped persons, Miller said.

There also will be lighting installed in the parking area. “The lighting will have conduits in the ground,” he said. Conduit is the piping that the wire runs through.

By the end of this semester everything will be completed except for the laying of asphalt. Miller said, “Can’t put asphalt on the ground unless the temperature is 40 degrees and rising.”

He said the weather is getting cool and he does not want to take a chance with the asphalt.

The parking area will be used for the new site of the campus parking office and campus visitor information center.