Paint, Faraday water leak turn river green

Paint was the mystery behind the greenish milky substance disturbing the Kishwaukee River Tuesday that was compounded by a water leak at Faraday Library.

Ten gallons of green latex paint were dropped into a storm drain leading to Watson Creek, said Steve Franklin, information specialist at the Office of Public Information.

A man was working on a forklift near Watson Creek with ten gallon containers of green paint when one container dropped and spilled into the storm drain, said Franklin.

The latex paint, being water soluble, dissipated in the water, he said. NIU contacted DeKalb officials who were confident that the situation was under control.

In addition, Faraday Library had “something” burst, causing damage to 170 books and puddles outside of the building, library personnel said. Plumbers had to come Tuesday to fix a leak discovered Aug. 13 when the “massive flood” began. It is unknown what burst.