Conflict over amendment

By Michelle Landrum

The Student Association controversy about amending the constitution to change the qualifications of an adviser will continue at Sunday’s meeting.

Last week, the senate passed a first reading of a constitutional amendment outlining changes in the position of Community Affairs Adviser. The senate will continue to debate if the adviser may be an elected or appointed city or county official and simultaneously serve the SA without a conflict of interest. The amendment must pass a second reading to be an SA bylaw.

The 6 p.m. meeting is scheduled to be in the Clara Sperling Skyroom of the Holmes Student Center.

“I expect much controversy,” said SA Vice President Steve Coloia. He said the issue is unpredictable because many of the senators are new and might not “completely understand all the issues.”

“It’s going to be fought this week for sure,” Coloia said.

SA President Huda Scheidelman also will inform the senate about the 7th Ward Alderman recommendation. Scheidelman announced her choice of former SA President, student regent and Senate Speaker Nick Valadez at a press conference Thursday.

“Nick is a very qualified,” Coloia said.

Scheidelman also will address the senate about the importance of the oath of office. This semester, new senators were not sworn in until the second meeting, and last week Sen. David Ivers refused to take the oath because he is a “philosophical anarchist.”

The senate will be asked to decide if the oath of office should be mandated in the SA bylaws, Scheidelman said. “It’s a definite problem,” she said.

Scheidelman said there are “deep implications” for not taking the oath. “If you’re elected and you don’t take the oath of office, you serve as a mouthpiece for your own ideas,” she said.

However, Coloia disagreed. “Just because someone doesn’t want to take an oath, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to represent students and be an effective senator,” he said.

SA Senate Speaker elections will be postponed until next week, Coloia said. Nominations will continue this Sunday.”

The senate also will discuss the current space problem plaguing the Recreation Center’s weight room and the start of an SA newsletter.