Strip offensive

Have you ever heard a joke about AIDS or Ethiopians? If you have, and if you have any compassion, you probably didn’t laugh. You didn’t laugh because AIDS and world hunger are serious issues not to be joked about. Abortion is no exception.

Some of us feel strongly about the issue of abortion, and don’t like to see it made light of. In a recent (Sept. 14) “Bob McBob” comic strip, Bob, a supposedly clever college student, calls an anti-abortionist a hypocrite because she eats chicken eggs. Apparently, cartoonist Eric Dietz thinks it clever to make analogies between eating eggs and ending the lives of human fetuses. How clever and well-informed! How did this cynical waste of a cartoonist ever get a job at the Star?

Then McBob makes the disgusting and unfunny remark, “By eating eggs, you’re not only advocating abortions, you’re eating them!” Of course the poor, simple-minded, right-wing pro-lifer is dumbfounded by this profound revelation. Ha ha.

While I am vehemently against abortion, people on both sides of the issue should be offended by this piece of trash.

Apparently Eric Dietz is not satisfied with being socially ignorant and editorially inept, but must sink to being universally offensive. I believe I can safely say that no thinking person on this campus that read this “comic” strip thought it was unoffensive, much less funny. Eric Dietz, the issue of abortion is not funny, and allusions to eating abortions are not only unfunny, but also very sick.

I am shocked to see something so juvenile in a college paper. The Northern Star should be trying to make people think about the issues, not going for a cheap “gross-out.” I hope in the future the Star will take more care in who they choose to write for them.

Jokes about eating abortions are no more funny than jokes about starving Ethiopians or people getting AIDS. I think an apology by the Star is in order.

Peter Mills