McCabes: ‘DeKalb’s #1 social center’ offers students a fun place to relax and unwind

By Gina Quilici

The fluorescent yellow letters that bear the name Mc Cabes have been a familiar sight to many people for years.

Mc Cabes, 323 E. Lincoln Hwy., first opened its doors to the public in 1933 and since then has offered DeKalb a fun place to relax, interact with peers and dance to the latest hits as well as a rounded mix of the oldies.

Mc Cabes’ decor boasts everything from pool tables, darts and video games to a beer garden, large dance floor, 20 TV/video monitors and much, much more.

Mc Cabes infamous bright yellow paraphenalia can be seen anywhere on campus. Various products that they sell include a full line of Mc Cabes apparel, cups, ID holders and almost anyting the mind can behold. According to Mc Cabes manager Glenn Goering, “if it can be made yellow with Mc Cabes name printed on it and it’s usable, we buy it.

However, what is more important is the establishment itself. Mc Cabes plays host to “a complete melting pot of all types of customers both from the university and the town,” Goering said.

Goering added that there is “a lot of excitement and energy at Mc Cabes, and through that momentum it builds.”

Mc Cabes also holds weekly contests such as turtle races, hula hoop contests and limbo conests.

In addition to nightly fun and entertainment, Mc Cabes has a full service liquor store, keg service, a mobile disc jockey that can bring the sound of Mc Cabes to you and they plan to add food sales in the beer garden this fall.

Goering takes great pride in his establishment confessing that Mc Cabes means more than anything to him. Goering firmly believes that ” service to the customer is the most important thing you can offer.”

Goering also feels that Mc Cabes claim to be “DeKalb’s #1 Social Center” is maintained by providing service and courtesy at the most economical price possible, and still allowing everyone to have a great time.

Mc Cabes firmly stands behind their motto “If you can’t party with us, you can’t party.”