Positive step for Iran, we hope

A warm wind is blowing over the strange land of Iran. Where once a frigid attitude permeated the power seats of the country, it now seems there may be some slight reason for hope.

Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani has taken the reigns in war-torn Iran since the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and he as well as President Bush is faced with a very difficult task—the release of hostages.

Rumor is circulating in the global community that Rafsanjani is willing to help with the release of the hostages.

In a statement during his swearing in, Rafsanjani said, “The hostages can be freed. There is a wise and prudent solution.”

Are these the words of an honest man willing to settle a conflict in peaceful terms, or is the neighborhood bully putting up a smoke screen so that he can steal more candy from the wimpy pawns of the West?

Iran also has signed a statement condemning terrorism with the Soviet Union, something unheard of under Khomeini. And this type of “diplomatic” strategy has not been one used very much by a country whose fundamentalist leaders have tried, unsuccessfully, to export their Islamic revolution.

Iran might be afraid of our battle fleets in the Mediterranean. They might be practicing the art of deception or they might actually be willing to help. Only time will tell.

Regardless of their possible motives, we need to view Rafsanjani’s offer as a very positive step. We must remember who we are dealing with, but we also must remember that this might be the beginning to a new history in the Middle East.