Fest band talented

In response to the letter to the editor on July 19, concerning Cornfest. For starters, the main act at last year’s Cornfest was called “TAMISHOW.” The lead singers were not dressed in spandex and lingerie, they were wearing mini-skirts, quite a common article of clothing in DeKalb.

Where do you, Jan Alberti, come off even comparing a cracker box basement band, like “The Shades,” to a band on a major record label (RCA) who have played with headliners such as Henry Lee Summer and Charlie Sexton. What have “The Shades” done that even comes close to these accomplishments?

As for rock-n-roll, WDEK plays Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones. I don’t think a musically narrow-minded moron like yourself knows the meaning of rock-n-roll.

Bob Halteman


Electrical engineering