Asbestos removal project to begin

By Elizabeth M. Behland

The first phase in asbestos removal and emergency roof repairs at the University Health Services will begin on Wednesday.

Conrad Miller, Physical Plant project manager, said the health center repairs, totaling more than $360,000, include the removal of asbestos, roof replacement and general repairs.

The project will be supervised by the Capital Development Board (CDB) and will be funded by Capital Appropriation’s general revenue, he said.

Miller said Asbestos Control Inc., located in Arlington Heights, Ill., will begin the health center repairs with asbestos removal that should take about 20 days to complete.

The asbestos-removal workers will construct a chamber to enclose the fourth floor of the health center in order to protect other parts of the building from being exposed to the asbestos as it is removed, Miller said.

The fourth floor will be closed to everyone but the asbestos- removal workers, he said.

To allow for the asbestos removal and roof repairs, the fourth floor occupants were relocated on March 28 and 29. The Health Enhancement Services, Handicapped Services and administrative offices are normally located on the floor.

The project workers will enter the building through the west side so people in need of the health center’s services will still be able to enter on the east side of the building, Miller said.

The elevator located on the east side of the health center will be open to the public but will be adjusted so it cannot go past the thrid floor, Miller said. The west elevator will be closed to everyone but the project workers, he said.

After the asbestos is removed and if weather permits, the health center roof repairs are scheduled to begin May 16, Miller said.

The general contractor hired to repair the roof is Flagg Construction Co., located in Rochelle, Ill., Miller said.

He said the firm will need about three days to complete the roof repair and other reconstruction projects including lighting replacement, plastering and carpet installation.

In order to make sure all of the asbestos is removed from the health center, the asbestos abatement firm will test the air to make sure it is clean after the asbestos is removed and again after the roof repair is completed, Miller said.

The emergency repairs project should be completed by late May but it might extend to June if the weather is bad, he said.

Dana Mills, health services associate director, said the health center repairs are needed because health center roof leaks have caused structural deterioration of the building that poses a potential health risk.