IFC president leaves position

By Claudia Curry

Jim Valentine resigned from his position as InterFraternity Council president after Tuesday night’s IFC meeting.

Valentine said his reasons for leaving involve his educational goals, which he feels can be better met at another institution.

He said he reassessed his educational needs during the past few months and has decided to transfer in the fall to University of Iowa’s masters program in finance.

Valentine said the reason he left the position before the end of the semester is because his replacement should move into the position while Valentine is still on campus to help with problems.

Kevin Gross, former IFC administrative vice president, will replace Valentine through the summer. The IFC executive board will appoint an IFC administrative vice president by May 2.

“I accomplished most of my goals for the semester. There are basically just administrative things that need to be taken care of ‘til the end of the semester,” Valentine said.

One of his major duties as IFC president has been helping the executives and IFC representatives reach their goals this semester, he said. “The elimination of the little sister programs, the implementation of an alcohol policy and the development of an effective judicial board are a few goals that the IFC accomplished this semester,” he said.

Valentine said he feels the IFC has “moved forward and progressed during this semester and will continue to do so in the fall.

“I am extremely confident that the IFC executives will continue to provide their high caliber programming for the fall semester,” he said.

Valentine said before the fall semester begins, NIU should appoint a full-time greek adviser. That will help the IFC work more closely with the administration and campus, he said.

Gross said the deadline for application is April 25 and those interested in the position should contact him.

The IFC constitution states that upon the resignation of the IFC president, the position will be filled by the IFC administrative vice president.