Regents consider Star fee

By Dina Paluzzi

The issue of whether students should help fund The Northern Star has yet to be settled, and discussions over the controversial proposal will continue at today’s Board of Regents Finance and Facilities Committee meeting.

The committee meets at 1:30 p.m. in the Illinois Room of the Holmes Student Center.

The 10 cent per-credit-hour fee was the only fee not approved at the Regents’ March meeting, due to the conflicting opinions of NIU President John LaTourette and NIU Student Regent Nick Valadez.

Although the Regents voted “no” to the fee, they decided to hear further fee discussions at this month’s meeting if a compromise could be reached at the campus level.

Valadez said he met with LaTourette Monday in an attempt to reach a compromise. Valadez said he will support the fee if LaTourette proposes a 50-cent-refundable fee to the Regents. If that amount is not proposed, Valadez said he will oppose the fee.

Regents are expected to vote on the fee Thursday.

The committee also will discuss NIU facility projects. Regents Chancellor Roderick Groves said the committee members will review renovation and building projects on campus.

Athough tuition is not on the agenda, the committee will conduct a tuition update. Several student organizations plan to protest increasing tuition costs today in the Martin Luther King Memorial Commons when they gather for Day of Action III.