IFC retains colony status of Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma

By Claudia Curry

The NIU InterFraternity Council voted Tuesday to continue the colony status of both Delta Chi and Kappa Sigma colonies for this semester because they do not meet the 2.39 grade point average required by the IFC.

The council voted to grant both organizations another semester to raise the combined GPA’s of active and pledge members to meet IFC requirements. If the colonies do not meet this requirement, they will be returned to interest group status this fall.

Bill Scheidhauer, Kappa Sigma colony president, said the grade point average the IFC tabulated for their organization is not correct because the Kappa Sigma membership roster was not properly updated.

“It is the responsibility of the individual fraternities and colonies to update their own rosters. It’s our own fault that we didn’t update our roster until this semester and that’s why we’re in the position we’re in,” he said.

Many members decided at the last minute to withdraw from Kappa Sigma, but their names were left on the roster, resulting in an incorrect combined GPA for the colony, he said.

Chris Korfist, Delta Chi colony president, said his organization faced a similar problem calculating their all-house average because their roster was not completely updated when IFC collected the grades.

Korfist and Scheidhauer said if their all-house GPA’s were tabulated from updated rosters, they currently would average more than the required GPA. Both said they will meet with Dave Stewart, temporary greek activities coordinator, to discuss the problem.