Johnson’s track coach testifies

TORONTO (AP) _Ben Johnson’s track coach suggested sabotage Monday when he said the sprinter was taking steroids until just before the Seoul Olympics, but not the one he tested positive for.

“I was totally shocked,” Charlie Francis said as the second week of testimony resumed at the federal inquiry into drugs and athletics in Canada.

“I thought something’s got to be dramatically wrong,” he said, recalling his reaction when told Johnson’s urine test showed the banned substance stanozolol.

The discovery led to Johnson’s disqualification from the Olympics and the removal of his gold medal in the 100 meters.

Francis, who had already testified that Johnson was using steroids in regulated cycles since 1981, said the last steroid program was furazabol and that Johnson stopped taking it by Sept. 2, 22 days before he won the gold.

The coach said an unidentified man was drinking beer with Johnson and he suggested the athlete’s drink could have been spiked. He also said that stanozolol would be a good substance to use to spike a test because it metabolizes rapidly.