Teacher wins award for article publication

Irene Rubin, NIU associate professor of political science, will receive the prestigious Mosher award for her contribution to “The Public Administration Review,” a journal published by the American Society for Public Administration.

ubin will receive the award at a conference April 9 in Miami for the best article published in 1988.

Rubin’s article, entitled “Municipal Enterprises: Exploring Budgetary and Political Implications,” is based upon survey data from Illinois cities and examines the political implications of enterprises and why cities have certain enterprises. While preparing her article, Rubin studied factors such as the number of enterprises per city, a city’s dependence on income gained from these enterprises, and the choice of which ones to provide.

Rubin suggests that “expansion of city functions is not simply a result of bureaucrats’ internal drive to expand, but is an attempt to satisfy service needs or demands.”

Rubin’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College, N.Y., and a master’s from Harvard University. Both degrees were awarded for her study of East Asia.

She also earned a doctorate in sociology from the University of Chicago. In addition to her recent publication in the ASPA journal, Rubin has written and edited several books.