Advisers seek ISA analysts

By Tammy Sholer

Several unanswered questions have prompted three Student Association advisers to request a study of the Illinois Student Association this semester.

SA Welfare Adviser Lisa Gunn said student fees are spent by the ISA, and students should know how their money is being spent. On fall 1989 tuition bills, NIU students will be charged a $1 refundable fee to support the ISA.

SA President Paula Radtke, who also is the ISA director for NIU, is the person informing NIU students of ISA action, so an investigation of every aspect of the ISA should be conducted, Gunn said.

Radtke said, “If students have concerns, then those concerns should be answered.” She said, however, that the ISA has done “nothing bad.”

Dave Emerick, SA Mass Transit Board chairman, said if students have questions about the operation and longterm goals of the ISA, a study should be conducted. He said a study is not a personal attack on the ISA.

The ISA has great potential to serve students, but it needs some “realignment,” Emerick said. However, a check needs to be implemented to keep track of the direction the organization takes, he said.

A committee should be formed this semester to finish the study quickly, Emerick said.

Tana Titre, SA public relations adviser, said she attended an ISA conference last semester which offered helpful information. Although she said the concept of the ISA is good, she said a study would determine the effectiveness of the organization.

The ISA staff should distribute information to Illinois campuses about projects they are conducting, Titre said. Radtke receives information on a monthly basis after the ISA’s regular meetings, she said.

SA Senate Speaker Phill Buoscio attended the ISA’s February meeting and determined that an investigation is not necessary, but he said if questions need to be answered a study should be done. He said if a “credible” senator or student approaches him with valid concerns, he will organize a committee to investigate the ISA.