SA considers investigation; ISA legitimacy questioned

By Tammy Sholer

The Student Association is still considering an investigation of the Illinois Student Association because two SA members believe the organization might not be legitimate.

Sen. Joe Annunzio said he will discuss the legitimacy of the ISA with SA Welfare Adviser Lisa Gunn. Gunn attended the Feb. 24 and Feb. 25 ISA meetings in Springfield. She stated in her weekly SA report that “The ISA conference … was certainly smoke-filled.

“I disagree with our illustrious (Senate) Speaker (Phill Buoscio)—we should do a study on the effectiveness of their (ISA) office,” the report states.

Gunn did not attend Sunday’s SA meeting and did not return phone calls Monday.

Buoscio, who also attended February’s ISA conference, said after he attended the ISA conference that he does not believe an investigation of the ISA is necessary.

Although Buoscio said an investigation is unnecessary, he said other senators have the option to investigate the ISA.

Recently, the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana criticized the ISA for its lack of organization and the unprofessional manner in which it conducts business.

Sangamon State University in Springfield also is conducting an investigation of the ISA, said Frances Lachowicz, ISA director from SSU. However, SSU’s investigation is not connected with the possible U of I pullout, she said.

Greg Kurth, U of I Student Government Association community affairs chairman, said the student government will decide in the next few days if they should hold a referendum to withdraw from the ISA.

Annunzio said he would be willing to drive to Springfield to see the ISA’s operation and discover what the organization does for NIU students.

If the organization is found not to be legitimate, Annunzio said he then would drive to U of I and find out why U of I might disaffiliate from the ISA.

The legitimacy of the ISA might be in question because SA President Paula Radtke and Buoscio are the only students besides Gunn that have seen the ISA in operation, Annunzio said. Radtke and Buoscio have painted a “cloud” over the senate concerning the legitimacy of the ISA, he said.

Buoscio believes the ISA does a good job lobbying in Springfield on bills that affect students.

Annunzio said he wants to meet with Gunn, Radtke and Buoscio to ascertain their views of the ISA.

Annunzio said he will formulate an opinion of the ISA in a few weeks and decide if an investigation should be conducted to stop funding the ISA.

Even if only one student sees a problem with the ISA, an investigation should be conducted to discover if NIU students should continue paying a $1 refundable fee to support the ISA, he said.

The Board of Regents, NIU’s governing body, approved a $1 refundable fee for NIU students on Jan. 26. The fee will appear on fall 1989 tuition bills.

If problems with the ISA require investigation, a study also should be conducted through the SA’s research committee, Annunzio said.