Make DOA III worth the effort

DOA III seems like the title to a sequel of a bad action/horror film, and that might be the case if the event is not planned properly.

Already there is talk of a Day Of Action III at NIU to protest cuts to higher education. Hopefully the third attempt will have more participation, be better planned and will do more towards fighting for funds than generating mass arrests.

The highlights of both DOA I and II were civil disobedience in the form blocking traffic on Lincoln Highway. In DOA I, the protestors left the scene before police had to forcibly remove them, but in DOA II, 79 students were arrested.

The lesson from the first two DOAs is clear—sitting in highways does not bring more funds to higher education. A third DOA should use methods that are more effective. Letters and telephone calls make more sense. Particularly if those efforts are aimed at legislators outside northern Illinois.

Local legislators have supported more funds for higher education. But legislators from students’ hometowns also should be persuaded. And certainly students should target House Speaker Michael Madigan, one of the biggest critics of higher state taxes.

At a John Lennon Society meeting last week, some members spoke of including more campus groups in DOA plans including greek organizations. Such efforts deserve applause. More funding for higher education benefits everyone, including the JLS, greeks, faculty, administrators and every student. A DOA III should include every conceivable group at NIU. And above all, DOA plans should consist of more creative and productive steps than blocking traffic.

Otherwise, DOA III will be nothing more than another bad sequel.