Affirmative Action Office granted new job, salary

By Gail LaBarbera

A new assistant director for NIU’s Affirmative Action Office will start at an annual salary of $33,996.

Affirmative Action secretary Jeanette Ezra said that Eddie Williams, vice president of finance and planning, approved money in July 1988 for the new position.

Vivian Hammoud, the new assistant, and Affirmative Action Director Marilyn Monteiro had refused to disclose the salary. The amount was obtained from Frank Nowik, assistant provost for personnel.

Ezra said the assistant director position was created after the request for a new position was approved by the Civil Service Merit Board. Monteiro also stated reasons for the assistant’s position to the office of NIU President John LaTourette.

Hammoud began work at NIU Jan. 4. Advertisements for the position were placed in local and regional media, Ezra said.

Hammoud’s job description states her responsibilities as investigating and resolving claims of discrimination and harassment. Her duties also include coordinating affirmative action and equal employment opportunity training sessions for NIU faculty and students.

The job description also states that Hammoud is expected to stay informed of affirmative action investigation techniques and revise brochures and information booklets.

Hammoud holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, a master’s degree in guidance and counseling, a doctorate in higher education administration and an international corporate law concentration. Hammoud also has experience in program and staff development, curriculum and university level teaching.

All money appropriated for faculty and administrative salaries is funded through the Illinois State Legislature.