Birth of politicians?

Over the past several weeks, I, as well as many NIU students, have followed the various antics of the SA.

Each and every day, it seems as if someone is impeaching someone else, or something is declared unconstitutional, or a vote was rescinded because someone forgot to dot their i’s and cross their t’s.

I think that most NIU students are fed up with the SA and especially Mr. Joseph Annunzio. Joe, tell me something, did you cry when your mom spanked you as a child? I think we know that you did because you’re being a crybaby now that the SA spanked you for being a bad boy.

Also, Joe, good buddy, if you want to resign, go ahead. Who’s stopping you? I think that a lot of people want you to; I want you to so the SA can get on to the business they were set up to do: represent the students at NIU.

I believe that until Joey is kicked out or leaves, the SA will be forced to push pencils and play U.S. Congress. That’s a waste of the students’ time and money.

Come on Joey, get with the program.

P.S. I hope this isn’t where our politicians started.

Mike Soule