Threat of Irangate

The Iran-Contra scandal was the greatest threat to our Constitution since the Civil War, and we as a nation chose to ignore it. When a few people are able to run our government without the knowledge of Congress and its elected members, is there any justification for having a Constitution? By all rights Irangate should have made Watergate look like an act of stealing candy from a baby. Richard Nixon broke into the Democratic headquarters and we demanded his impeachment. The Reagan administration shredded our Constitution and we responded by making Oliver North a hero. But what is perhaps the greatest injustice of all is that this issue was virtually ignored by Michael Dukakis (who stood to benefit the most from it) and as a result we have reelected the administration to four more years. The Constitution has faced its biggest challenge in the last 100 years and we the people have rendered it defenseless.

Michael Guttmann


political science