DeKalb partnership plans membership drive

By Dan O'Shea

The newly-formed Greater DeKalb Partnership is in the midst of a month-long membership drive.

Partnership Vice President Karen Remen said the organization “works with area business to help insure a favorable business community for DeKalb.”

Remen added that the partnership rolls into one the operations of the city’s downtown council, economic development committee, tourism council and the former Chamber of Commerce.

The organization started its membership drive last week by sending brochures to prospective members, and the drive will continue through mid-February, Remen said. She said the partnership has already added about twelve member businesses and will accept members throughout the year.

She also said membership fees are “tax deductible business expenses and investments in the community” and not contributions to charity.

Remen said membership dues for businesses in the partnership “are figured by taking the number of hours that employees work, excluding overtime, and dividing it by 40.”

Yearly dues are $250 for retail, industrial, and educational groups with one to three employees, $400 for four to six workers, $550 for seven to ten, $650 for 11 to 20, $750 for 21 to 50, $800 for 51 to 100, $850 for 101 to 200, $900 for 201 to 400, and $1200 for 401 to 1000 employees. Businesses with over 1000 workers will pay $1,500.

Financial institutions seeking membership pay $25 for every million of their deposits, and non-profit organizations are charged $250 annually. Professional and service organizations will pay dues of $300 “per principal per year. This means that a law firm with three lawyers will be paying $900 per year in dues,” said Remen.

The organization is offering associate memberships for $100, but associate members are not allowed to vote on partnership matters, Remen said.

The patnership is planning a fundraiser Feb. 18 in the Regency Room of the Holmer Student Center. Tickets for the fundraiser are $50. Cocktails are at 6 p.m., and dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling Remen at 756-6303.