SA to analyze pressing issues

By Tammy Sholer

Several issues concerning the Student Association that have emerged during the first two weeks of the semester will be discussed at the first SA meeting Sunday.

SA Treasurer Diana Turowski said the redistricting of senate distrits will be one subject to which the SA Senate will give attention.

Andy Shankman, an off-campus candidate in last week’s senate elections, filed a petition Jan. 22 with the SA Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of th SA’s 1986 redistricting plan.

Shankman’s petition claimed the plan is unconstitutional because it denies equal repesentation of students.

The petition states that there exist an overrepresentation of students within the same geographical area who have similar social affiliations.

Turowski said another topic the senate should be discussing is the security phone system referendum that passed Jan. 24. The referendum asked students if they were willing to pay a maximum one-time student fee of $3.24 to purchase and install the phones.

If the President’s Fee Study Committee and the Board of Regents approves the phone proposal, the SA will install 15 phones around campus. The phones will be connected to the University Police Department.

Turowski said SA President Paula Radtke will be discussing a $1 refundable fee that the Illinois Student Association is requesting. The ISA is asking the regents to approve the student fee.