Team appreciated

Congratulations are in order for first-year head coach Pete Waite and assistant coach Lori Sowatsky for directing the Lady Huskies to the North Star Tournament Championship the weekend of Nov. 19 and 20 at Chick Evans Fieldhouse. The cast of Amy Garrett, Anita Kesteris, Kari Niesen, Jamie Steenblock, Laura Petersen, Jennifer Yahn, Beth Glisk, Alice McAvoy, Julie Kreiling, Cathy Holmes, and Wendy Bonnette finshed their season in perfect form with a straight three-game victory over the University of Illinois Chicago.

After losing the initial game of its first match to DePaul that early Saturday morning the Lady Huskies came woke up roaring to win all of their remaining games in the tournament. After properly putting DePaul in their place, Valparaiso, Cleveland State, and Akron fell victims to Huskies’ tenacious attack. The host team played with so much confidence that I think it was virtually impossible for any of its oppenents to pose any threat to its conquering the North Star crown.

These Huskies exemplified what winning is all about. They are definitely a class act. This is one team NIU can be proud of. In addition to the Volleyball team, other teams to show considerable progress are the football and the softball teams. I can only hope that this is only a part of what the future holds for NIU athletics.

These teams definitely deserve the full support of the NIU students. The volleyball team played with much more enthusiam as the crowd roared louder. I can honestly say my time spent watching our Huskies was quite enjoyable. The students who missed out should attempt to attend some of the up-and-coming sporting events to cheer the Huskies on to victory. I believe the student would enjoy what they would see and the athletes would appreciate their support.

Congratulations and best of luck for continued success to the North Star Conference Champs.

Joe Stoiber