Sigma Chi pawns

The airports are closed, the mail isn’t coming, the corporations are disfunctional. Go ahead. Scream it again. Scream “racism” and our whole country shuts down. Is it a game to see who can get the most attention? Well, I think we have a winner: Martha Palmer. Can we quit now? I’m beginning to think this is an oppression of the majority, not the minority. Eddie Murphy portrayed a white Jew. Nothing was said. Black sororities and fraternities deny white membership. Fine. Miss Black America—Sunday at 8:00 Channel 7. No big deal. Sigma Chi imitates a black musical group—suspension. What’s the bottom line? It’s OK for blacks to segregate themselves, but whites can’t be a party to it?

I wish I could turn back time, take all of the time, money, energy, and publicity that went into our “racism” issue and channel it into making this community a better place by focusing on the real problems. I feel truly sorry that Sigma Chi had to be the pawn in this evil match we’ve begun to play. When can we put it to rest? Let’s face it—the only thing we’re headed for is stalemate. I just wish we could move away from this stagnation and put things into perspective by figuring out where our priorities are. We can start with the escalators in the library.

Nicole A. Ertas

Matt Brady

Andy Shanahan